The dynamic and expert team of the Kavame Law Firm is aware of the importance of keeping pace with the contemporary requirements and the day to day business when providing legal services to its clients all around the world.

Request & Proposal

Kavame Law Firm prepares a proposal following the request of a current or prospective client. The proposal would include the legal method to be used.

Service Types

Following the client’s approval of the proposal, the firm commences to provide legal services. These services can either be project based or general consultancy.

Service Delivery

Kavame Law Firm follows the agreed upon legal process towards realizing the project or solving the legal dispute at hand and informs the client on a regular basis.


If the agreement between the client and the firm is a general consultancy service covering all kinds of legal services, the firm informs the client periodically and continues to deliver high quality consultancy services. When the service to be provided is a project based, the firm executes expeditiously and diligently.


For us, our duty of client-lawyer confidentiality means more than a duty of loyalty we owe to our clients; our duty of confidentiality is encompassed by our loyalty to the rule of law.