Regardless of the size and the sector, all types of companies exist within legal proceedings and require legal assistance in order to maintain its existence without obstacles. Transactions that form the basis of Corporate Law covers various stages of the life of a corporation such as mergers and acquisitions, and includes rules and regulations related to all activities of a corporation once it is registered with its articles of association.

Kavame Law Firm’s corporate law attorneys and advisors, meet the demand of its local and foreign clients for company establishments, mergers, acquisitions, divisions, at each and every stage of their corporate projects.

Kavame Law Firm, experienced in Corporate Law and giving intensive and effective legal consultancy services to its clients, prepares all kinds of agreements regarding mergers, acquisitions, divisions, and joint ventures. The Firm also provides legal consultancy services to its clients active in different sectors and to investors who seek to invest in Turkey.

In addition to providing a wide range of legal consulting services to the companies, Kavame Law Firm meets the needs of its clients especially during M&As.

Following the legal advice given before and during the company establishment process, the Kavame Law Firm provides full legal consultancy services and guides its clients once the company is established by preparing legal risk analysis in respect of their relations with other companies, natural persons, public and private bodies and agencies in connection therewith.